Is P90X Better Than Insanity?

Is P90X Better Than Insanity?

The most popular article on this website is the P90X vs. Insanity post and I enjoy answering questions and helping my online friends figure out which workout is right for them.

I’ve been a Beachbody Coach for more than 3 years and I have done all of the extreme fitness programs available and I’ve seen 1000s of success stories using the P90X workout or Insanity, often times both.

There are many variables to consider because everyone is at a different place in terms of their health and fitness level, but the choice is usually pretty simple as soon as you identify your goals and assess your condition.

Let’s break down the decision making process for P90X and Insanity

Do you have more than 40lbs. to lose?

YES –  Go with P90X – And, if you have never exercised before, you should probably start with Power 90 which is the original and less extreme Tony Horton workout.
NO – P90X or Insanity

Are you currently doing any exercise on a regular basis?

NO – Start with P90X – P90X goes at a more moderate pace than Insanity and is easier to modify to fit your ability and fitness level.

YES – P90X  or  Insanity

Here are a couple more considerations.
Does the excess weight cause back or knee pain? Do not do Insanity.
Start with Power 90 or P90X and focus on weight loss. That is the most important thing to do now.

If your weight causes you to get out of breath going up a flight of stairs, start with Power 90. This is a great program for creating your fitness base and having success you can build on.

If excess weight is not causing joint pain or mobility issues, than go to the next question.

Is your main goal muscle growth or getting shredded?

Muscle Growth – P90X
Get Ripped – Insanity

You can still get shredded using P90X as long as you eat clean. No matter which program you choose, you need to stop eating empty carbs and get sugar out of your diet. Eat lots of vegetables, a decent amount of protein and nutrient dense carbs. This is the secret to success for not just these fitness programs, but for a healthy life.

If you are serious about losing weight and controlling it, use Shakeology. Shakeology is quickly becoming the best seller in Beachbody’s lineup because of the results. You can achieve massive weight loss and improve your health quickly by using Shakeology as a meal replacement and cleaning up your diet. If you want to learn more, watch this Shakeology video.

P90X uses weights and resistance bands to build muscle. The heavier weight you can handle, the more muscle growth that will occur. There are tough cardio workouts and even a yoga workout in the 90 day program, but P90X is centered around weight training.

Insanity is the most intense program ever put on DVD. It’s a hard core cardio workout that uses your body weight for strength training. In my humble opinion, Insanity is for P90X graduates.

To make the choice as simple as possible, choose between these two goals:

1. Lose weight and build muscle – Buy P90X, follow the program everyday and focus on your diet.

2. Get strong and get shredded – Buy Insanity, focus on your diet and Dig Deep.

Many people choose Insanity before they do P90X, but they usually have had some athletic training or have been involved in sports at some time and enjoy being pushed to their limits. I am not saying P90X is easy, but the pace is just not as fast.

Once you finish P90X, you will have the confidence to take on anything. You will feel this in every aspect of your life, not just about workouts and that is the real power of these programs.

Feeling strong and physically fit improves your life. Physical training has proven to effect your mental health, both from a performance level and an emotional level and it promotes over all well being and increases longevity.

Losing weight is critical to your health, but physical training is just as important. Good diet and exercise work synergistically to create a incredible health. Eating right or exercising alone is much better than not doing either, but the two together combine to create optimal health.

We want to feel like the best possible self every day and that is what these programs do.

Ready to start? I highly recommend fully committing to your diet and fitness with a Challenge Pack.  The Challenge Pack combines either fitness program with monthly supply of Shakeology and you get a discount when you buy the Challenge Pack here.

Have you done P90X or Insanity already?   Are you ready for the next level?

If you are reading this article just to compare my thoughts with your experience with either workout, you should be interested in the Asylum series. I just started Asylum 2 and it is nuts!

There are now hybrids combining Asylum 1 and 2 which has crazy sports focused, Insanity style training combined with weight training. My body has been sore for days since starting the Asylum 2 program. These workouts are for people who are already in decent shape and ready to push beyond.

Get started with your transformation today! Pick your fitness program and take the Beachbody Challenge with Me. You can win cash prizes ranging from $500, $5000, $25,000 and $100,000 for your transformation. I will coach you all the way!

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