Lowest Price On The Insanity Challenge Pack, Ever!

Lowest Price On The Insanity Challenge Pack, Ever!

Insanity Challenge PackIt’s all about Shaun T this month and the month is already half over, so if you haven’t ordered the Insanity Challenge Pack, now is the time to do it. Shaun T is blowing up! I was going to write about Shaun T’s new Focus T25 workout that will go on sale this summer, but Beachbody came up with this crazy April promotion for the Insanity Challenge Pack.

If you have read this blog at all, and you do, right, then you know I love Insanity!
I have done the program several times.

Insanity Jamie 2012

I am stoked that Beachbody is coming up with these promotions that Beachbody Coaches can offer because it makes it easy for you to get started on your transformation. At this price, the cost is not a barrier. Once you get started, you feel amazing and confidence soars, and you quickly realize what a bargain it is. After doing Insanity 3 times, it has cost me 66 cents a workout! Even if you only do the 60 day challenge once, that is 2 bucks per workout. Where else are you going to get that kind of training for $2. My yoga class down the street is $10 per class!

These pants fit before Insanity!

These pants used to fit!

Let’s talk about getting shredded, Insanity style. You’ve seen the videos. People get ripped when they commit to the 60 day program. They also follow the nutrition guide.

My blog post about choosing between P90X or Insanity gets tons of comments and questions asking which will help them lose weight the fastest. While Insanity will burn more calories and is likely to shed the fat a little faster than P90X, the main driver of your transformation is your diet.

I promise you will feel like the King or Queen of the world after every workout. The endorphins and the sense of accomplishment after every workout will give you a huge boost. That is a given. But, if you want to really get tight and toned, you’ve got to get start eating for longevity. The way I look at it, the food you eat is either promoting vitality or it is poisoning you and lowering the quality of your life. That is how I think about each meal. Is this promoting life and vitality or disease? I know that sounds extreme, but most of what people eat is harmful to their long term health and makes them feel crappy in the short term. And, ┬ápeople think you are extreme if you won’t condone eating a cupcake everyday. That is how crazy this world has gotten. We used to eat cake on birthdays and special occasions. People are eating as a path to happiness and that doesn’t work. The happiness that refined food provides lasts about as long as it takes for you to post that picture to Facebook and then it’s over. Then you wonder why you feel sluggish while waiting for people to give you kudos for your photo. BTW – being a foodie is not an accomplishment. We all like good food.

Eat well, exercise often, and you will feel good about yourself and you will be happy.

This is why the Insanity / Shakeology Challenge pack is so effective. You use Shakeology as a meal replacement which means you are getting super food nutrition and many fewer calories. Your body will get the nutrients it needs which will prevent cravings and you are not eating junk trying to satisfy those cravings coming from a confused system. The commercialization of the food industry has been training us to get fat. Fat, salt, sugar and more of it. You have to do a reset and get your body back on track by giving it what it really needs.

Get the Insanity Challenge Pack now while you can save $90 off the individual price of Insanity and Shakeology and change your life. Make the commitment and take the Beachbody Challenge while you are at it.

You will get everything you need. Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success!


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