October $1000 Beachbody Challenge Winners

October $1000 Beachbody Challenge Winners

I get excited every month when the Beachbody Challenge winners are announced. The transformations are always incredible and they motivate me to get my workout started and push hard.

I want to win that $1000.00 prize and I wouldn’t mind getting a shot at the $100,000 Grand Prize that Beachbody will award at the Summit this year at the MGM Grand. The Summits are always off the hook and they get bigger and more fun each year. I’m going to continue using Shakeology every day and I’m starting the Insanity: Asylum workout for 30 days of fun.

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you Ready to Transform your Body, Change Your Life and Win 1000’s of Dollars?

If you are, you are ready to take the Beachbody Challenge.

Check out Kimmie and Michael.

Kimmie got on the Shakeology and Chalene Extreme and lost 20lbs. and won $1000

Michael started a Challenge group, did Insanity and lost 68lbs. and won $1000

These two got hooked up with the $1000 prize and now they are in the running for the quarterly $5000 prize. That’s what I am talking about. Who couldn’t use $6000!?

That is pretty good motivation for me. That could take care of some bills or pay for a killer vacation.

Here is Chris in the 30-39 age group with some crazy results. He joined a P90X Challenge group and look at his amazing transformation.

So, join me! We can create incredible transformations and win some cash.

I will coach you through your program, offering support, nutritional and workout advice.

If you use Shakeology as a meal replacement once a day, eat whole foods, and follow your fitness program, it’s a no brainer. You will get the results you want and I will be here for you the whole way.

We’ll be eligible for the $500 daily prizes, $1000 Monthly prizes, $5000 Quarterly prize and we’ll qualify for the $100,000 Grand Prize in Vegas.

Leave me a comment below this post if you are ready to take the Beachbody Challenge or get started now by clicking here.

Maybe we’ll have a chance to meet in Las Vegas and have Dan Cortese award one of us $100k!

Watch Dan below talk about the Challenge. We Can Do This!

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