P90X3 Accelerated Chest Workout

P90X3 Accelerated Chest Workout

P90X3-starfish-tonyP90X3 will be here in just a few more weeks and I am getting fired up. I just finished T25 with a Challenge group and had a blast. I dropped 10 lbs. too!

We have a P90X3 Challenge group set up on Facebook and I’d love for you to join us. The Challenge group makes the program way more fun. It’s a great way to stay motivated and accountable. Sign up for a free Team Beachbody account and let me know that you want to join the P90X3 Challenge group on Facebook.

OK! Now on to the P90X3 accelerated chest workout. Tony Horton has been making some videos that incorporate X3 moves so you can get an idea of what’s in store for the new workout. One of the P90X3 moves you will see in the chest workout is the “Bird Dog Pushup”.

The Bird Dog Push up is a pushup starting with your legs spread wide and when you come up, you raise opposite limbs. Right arm, Left leg. Hold. Down. Push up. Left arm, Right leg. You get the idea.

This works your chest, your core and gets your heart rate up. Try it. You will see what I mean and that is an accelerated move.
The next move is an X Plyo Pushup. This is similar to the clap pushup where you launch your body up a few inches at the top of the move, but instead of a clap, you turn your body 45 degrees to the right and then back left and back and forth without stopping. When you watch Tony, you’ll see he is making an X. This is another pushup that works the chest, core and heart. Try 20! These are no joke!
Now comes the killer move. Starfish!
Starfish is a pushup to a side arm balance, right-left. The goal here is to use just one foot at a time. This creates the ultimate core balance move that also works your chest and shoulders. The starfish is pretty crazy, but go ahead and give it a shot. Practice makes perfect.
Are you starting to see how the P90X3 workout is “accelerated”? There is maximum efficiency built in to every move. You are not just going to work your pecs and delts, you will work your core at the same time and you’ll do it in a way that keeps your heart rate up. The workouts will only be 30 minutes, but you will have to focus, give it everything you got and you will reap the rewards.
Watch the P90X3 style chest workout with Tony and get fired up! P90X3 will be released December 10th.

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