P90X3 Features Shorter, More Comprehensive Moves

P90X3 Features Shorter, More Comprehensive Moves

P90X3 will be the most efficient workout available on DVD

Everyone involved with P90X3 is keeping the details under wraps best they can, but I’ve had a few conversations with a couple Coaches who are in the new P90X3 and it’s going to be a much different and I would say, “updated” approach.


The term Accelerated is part of the tagline for P90X3 because it’s going to move faster, keeping your heart rate higher even during the strength training moves. Each exercise will be designed to get the most benefit out of your efforts. Think T-Pushups that have you balance on one arm and twisting sideways between each pushup or Dumbbell rows which combine pushups for your chest and rows for your back or Squat shoulder press with dumbbells working your lower body and shoulders. This could be the most effective workout ever produced.

Who wouldn’t want to get in the best shape of their life in shorter time? I am doing the Focus T25 workout right now and I love the 25 minute workouts and I am much stronger and fitter than I was 5 weeks ago when my Challenge group started. Just like any workout, you get out of it what you put in it. With these shorter workouts, you need to focus and ratchet up the intensity to get the full benefit. I can tell you from my experience with T25, that these will be just as draining as the old P90X, it will just take less time.

P90X3-TurkishGetUp-TonyHorton150One move I hope we see in P90X3 is the Turkish Get Up. Now, you always see people using a Kettlebell for this exercise, but there’s no reason you cannot use a dumbbell. Heck, you can even use a friend who trusts you. I know that Tony Horton loves this move and he hinted that it could be in P90X3 if I deciphered his cryptic post. The post just said, “P90X3” and included a link to this video.

It is possible that he might just be trying to say that P90X3 will be all about functional fitness and making your body stronger to make all aspects of your life better. What do you think? Am I reading too much into this? I’d put my money on the move being in the workout. Use your significant other to do this exercise at your own risk!

OK! That’s all the speculating we will be doing on P90X3 today, but I have got some information that I am not allowed to disclose and I can tell you that you are going to love this workout. It’s going to get you in crazy condition and each workout will be short enough that you will have no excuse not to do it.

I am coaching mom’s with two infants and toddlers who manage to carve out 30 minutes to workout each day, so I am sure that everyone can do it.

You can also count on a modifier in each workout to show those who need to modify the proper technique. This has become a standard tool for all Beachbody programs which is a great thing. Tony had a modifier in the original X, but there will be a little bit more attention focused on the modifier this round. It’s very helpful for those who have joint issues or those that just aren’t quite ready for the full intensity workout.

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