P90X3 Gets Results In 30 Minutes A Day

P90X3 Gets Results In 30 Minutes A Day


Do you know P90X?

Are you a P90X graduate?

If you are, then you know how tough P90X can be. Remember the 90 minute Yoga X? X grads often say that is the hardest workout in the program, but that is mostly because it’s their first taste of yoga and it’s a legit 90 minute yoga session. If you have not been practicing yoga, a full 90 minute session is exhausting. Once you find your rhythm and get your flow going, the yoga session becomes energizing.

As usual, Beachbody and Tony Horton are keeping tight lipped about the Accelerated P90X3 program, but we do have some answers here.

The workouts will be 30 minutes each and they will be intense.

Who Is P90X3 For?

Everyone! With P90X2, we warned people that they should already be a P90X graduate or an Insanity grad or TurboFire before starting P90X2. The X2 is for fitness geeks, people who are already fit and want to use advanced techniques to take their game to the next level.

P90X3 will be for everyone. Beginners and graduates of other Beachbody programs. I just finished T25 Alpha & Beta and I am on the 4 week Gamma program now. I’ll be using P90X3 to stay in great shape.

If you are like me when I started with the original X, you have some weight to lose and the X3 will get you where you want to be. We are going to focus on bringing it hard to every 30 minute workout and eating the best diet possible. Fitness plus nutrition plus support equals success.

You get the P90X3 workout, follow the schedule, use Shakeology for a meal replacement if weight loss is your goal and join my P90X3 Challenge group.

The Challenge groups have been a huge success. They provide a place where you can go online to share your results, get answers to your training or nutrition questions and most importantly, get support from your new friends in the group. We are all in it together.

What Will P90X3 Be Like?

P90X3 will have 20 different workouts. You won’t stop moving for the full 30 minutes in every workout. There are 3 training blocks. Adaptive, Resistance and Power.
The first block is the building block to get your body used to doing work on a regular basis. The Resistance block will build strength and the Power block will build explosive power and is going to be a serious fat burning phase.

There will be a modifier for all the moves and Tony will show you how to slow it down if you are new to the whole exercise game. Everyone was talking about the new P90X3 being a MMA (mixed martial arts) focused workout. It won’t be, but it will have a new workout called MMX which blows the doors off the Kenpo X from the original P90X. And I love Kenpo X, but it was a workout where you keep moving, have fun, but give your body a little recovery after the the heavy weight training sessions. MMX is going to crush you…in a good way.

So , that’s it for now. We will have a Challenge group on Facebook and it’s going to be a blast. Have fun while you change your life. Get ready to get the best body you have ever had. Guaranteed!

Sign up here and be the first to get a copy of the all new P90X3.

Watch the P90X3 Preview now…

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