P90X3 Results Are Amazing

P90X3 Results Are Amazing

Tony-Horton-Stephanie-P90X3The P90X3 test group results are in. The group lost and average of 10% body fat during the program. Those are incredible numbers for a 30 minute workout.

This week, Tony Horton sat down with Stephanie Saunders to talk about the new X. You will be seeing a lot of Stephanie in P90X3. Evidently, she is responsible for getting Pilates into the P90X3 program and I am pretty stoked about it. Pilates is a powerful core strengthener and and just gets your body primed for life.  If you are a twenty something, you may not give it much thought, but if you are in your 40s like me, you just want to feel as strong as possible at all times to keep doing the activities that you love. For me, it’s surfing my SUP. Paddling the stand up paddle board gets your core strong, but I am spending most of my time surfing and you need a strong , stable core that allows quick movements with breaking things. Pilates is the perfect exercise for that.

Am I getting off track? Oh yes! The P90X3 results!  the famous before and after photos are in for the P90X3 test group and these transformations are impressive. Watch the video below to see the difference 30 minutes a day can make.

Tony is also getting a little whacky which is normal for him, but he is telling the truth. The have packed as much as they possibly can into 30 minutes and you have no more excuses with P90X3. I think he sas, “if you can’t commit to a half hour, than just eat yourself to death. Go live at McDonalds or something or start taking heroin on a regular basis.”  Of course he is joking, but for real, if your health is not worth 30 minutes a day, you desperately need to change your mind set. Every one has a half hour to exercise.  You can commit and get the body you always wanted.

Check out Victor’s P90X3 transformation…down 20 lbs. and rocking the six pack!




Jennifer lost 24 lbs.!



I love seeing these transformations because it totally fires me up. Makes me want to workout and eat clean.  That’s the other critical component of P90X3 as it is with any workout program you do. You won’t be able to bang out 30 minutes and eat whatever you want and expect to get a flat stomach or six pack. You have got to eat only nutrient dense foods 80-90% of the time. You can have an indulgence here and there, but you have to come around to the idea that you will only eat food that has positive effects on your health.  Most of the junk on the shelves are going to do you harm. Often, you can feel it right away, sometimes you can’t, but you can be sure that that fast food is having a real negative impact on your long term health. Learn to enjoy healthy food. You can and once you do, you’ll see how much better you feel. Truth!

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Watch the video below and get fired up for P90X3.  Get ready to bring it!

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