P90X3 Will Not Be A MMA Style Workout

P90X3 Will Not Be A MMA Style Workout


P90X3 is coming soon and the buzz mill is at full power.

Everyone is speculating about which moves Tony Horton will be bringing to the table.

There are a lot of people who thought that P90X3 would be a MMA inspired workout. If you don’t know what MMA is, it stand for Mixed Martial Arts and it has become very popular since Dana White created the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). MMA is primarily focused on two martial arts. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, but also incorporates Wrestling, Karate and even Capoeira. I practiced Muay Thai and even managed to get a couple fights in Thailand, so I am a huge MMA fan.

However, I have some friends at Beachbody who worked on P90X3 and have it on good authority that P90X3 will not be a MMA focused workout but I can see why a few people might have got that idea and started talking about it online, giving the idea some momentum.

Tony Horton has been traveling the world spreading the P90X gospel, working out with our active Military troops overseas, politicians in Washington, DC, and while on the road he created a video working out with some MMA fighters who use P90X to augment their training. Also, Mark Briggs, from the original X program, travels with Tony a lot and is really into MMA and may have helped Tony incorporate some MMA style moves into those large group workouts for fun. They mix it up all the time to keep it interesting.

Here’s Tony Horton talking to Stephanie about the the MMA inspired workout called MMX. A little ground and pound, elbows and burpees. Looks like fun!

Now let me tell you why P90X3 will not be a MMA focused workout.

First, that is not what Tony Horton and P90X are all about. The X is an extreme strength training program and always will be. That means, weights, resistance bands and pull up bars combined with just the right amount of cardio conditioning.

Second, Beachbody already has a MMA inspired workout, called Les Mills Combat. I’ve done the Combat program, it is a fun workout and I use it often to mix things up in my routine. Dan and Rachel have had some real training and the moves they use in the program are legit and their technique deserves respect.

P90X3 will use a few MMA inspired moves during the cardio training. Remember Kenpo X from P90X? That was a fun workout, but P90X3 will bring better moves. You can be sure that this new “Accelerated” P90X3 will focus on getting as strong as possible from a functional point of view, in as short amount of time possible. A lot of research has been done in Sports Science since the original P90X was developed and they have figured out how to get fitter, faster and that is what P90X3 will be all about.

P90X3 is about getting in the best shape of your life, in the shortest time possible.

You can watch a quick preview of the P90X3 sizzle reel here.

Get ready to bring it!

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