P90X3 Will Not Have A Dedicated Yoga Workout

P90X3 Will Not Have A Dedicated Yoga Workout

tree-pose-tony-hortonIn addition to progressive resistance training, the new P90X3 home fitness program will include other aspects of body conditioning. Stretching and flexibility will be another component of the new X that will help you improve all facets of your health.  While yoga was once considered a fringe or alternative health practice, it is now accepted by any forward thinking person as something that should be incorporated into your regular training.  That doesn’t mean that everyone makes it part of their regular training, and in that regard I think it is still greatly under appreciated for the value it brings. Tony Horton has been practicing yoga for many years and knows how much it benefits everyone in every aspect of their health.

I think I have heard more complaints about the Yoga X DVD than any other workout session because it’s so dam hard. That Yoga X is legit and it will kick your booty – in a good way!

I give P90X creator Tony Horton and Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler major props for their foresight to include a 90 minute Yoga session in each week of the original P90X which was created 10 years ago. They understood how important this type of stretching and breathing is and how it can improve your physical performance as well as the overall quality of your life.

I’m certain you will not see a full yoga session in the P90X3 workout because it would not fit in with the “Accelerated” theme, but you can bet Tony will be working in yoga inspired moves to help you reap the huge health benefits that yoga brings. There will be a 30 minute Yoga X and a totally new Pilates X workout. They are killer and you won’t be hating Tony for making you struggle through the 90 minute workout.

One thing that is true is that the vast majority of us do not take a deep breath all day long. Since the first session in P90X, Tony stresses the most fundamental practice in yoga which is a deep, belly breath through the nose and to also to exhale fully. Imagine sucking your belly button toward your spine to push the diaphragm up and empty your lungs.  A little know benefit of this is that breathing deeply through your nose also brings nitric oxide which is generated in the sinuses into your lungs. Nitric oxide is a s a bronchodilator and brings more oxygen into your body.

Yoga helps us stretch muscles and joints that are ignored in our daily routines. It also helps purify the blood by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Finally, yoga gets us to focus our mind, it stimulates brain function and it helps us deal with stress better. Researchers continue to discover positive health effects provided by yoga and I am stoked that Tony Horton will incorporate yoga into the new P90X3 program and thankful that it’s just 30 minutes.

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