Take The Challenge & Feel Great Today!

Take The Challenge & Feel Great Today!

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Do you want to start feeling better this month?

Take the Beachbody Challenge and I guarantee you will be feeling 10x better within the month.

The Beachbody Challenge includes a fitness program of your choice and a month supply of Shakeology. This combination has proved to be the most powerful tool I have seen for weight loss and transformation since I became a Coach 3 years ago.

When P90X first came out, nutrition was an important part of the program, but in my mind, it was not given enough weight and the now the nutrition plan is a bit outdated. That has all changed.

Nutrition has taken center stage right along side all of the blockbuster fitness programs.

Shakeology has become the cornerstone of all of the “informercial worthy” transformations because it gives people optimal nutrition along with super foods, adaptogens, powerful anti-oxidants and a hefty dose of high quality protein.

Those who commit to their program and use Shakeology as a meal replacement get amazing results.

To make it easier, Beachbody created Challenge Packs at a discount. When you buy a Challenge Pack with a fitness program and Shakeology, you save money on both.

To make it more fun, Beachbody encourages you to take the Challenge and you can win cash prizes for all your hard work.

This is a health and fitness transformation competition where everyone who participates gets a FREE t-shirt just for entering their results, and the best transformations will be eligible for over $100,000 cash!

I am always inspired by the Beachbody Challenge winners. Look at these two!

“Joshua hit an all time low by age 27. The scale was tipping 260 lbs., he was feeling depressed, could not stand the person he saw in the mirror, and that anger and frustration was becoming toxic to everyone around him — including his wife and children. Joshua finally decided that if he didn’t make a huge change, his life and family were going to fall apart. So he turned to P90X® and Shakeology®—hoping, praying, pleading that it was the real deal. And thankfully, it was.

Every morning Joshua rose at the crack of dawn, “Pushed Play”, and worked out with Tony and the crew. On the days he lacked self-motivation and struggled to get out of bed, he’d say to himself, “If I don’t get up and do this workout, my Challenge Group is NEVER going to let me live this down.” Today, Joshua is so incredibly grateful for his Group’s accountability and inspiration, and never once has he regretted a workout.

While P90X kicked his butt into gear, drinking Shakeology each day was the real game changer for Joshua. Prior to this, everything he ate came through a drive thru window, supersized everything he possibly could, and his work desk was stockpiled with junk. Now, he drinks a Shakeology everyday for lunch and spends a fraction of the money that he did on fast food. His skin is healthier, he has loads more energy, and feels like a new man. This is becoming a very common story among my friends and team members who have taken the challenge. I swear by Shakeology as everyone else I know who uses it does.

To date, Joshua has lost 80 lb.s, inspired his wife to workout together, and is a proud Beachbody Coach. Like me, Joshua’s goal as a Coach is to get as many people as possible to change their habits, exercise everyday, eat healthy, and enjoy a happier life. He did it, and truly believes that anyone can, too.”

Ashley looks like a completely different person too. Her story is a very familiar one. So many people I’ve met through Beachbody share Ashley’s life circumstances before deciding to make a drastic change.

“In the summer of 2010, I was not in a good place. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. I was basically a couch potato and ate everything I wanted all day long. In fact, I didn’t buy a scale because I couldn’t even look at the number. It wasn’t until I saw my picture from a friend’s wedding that everything changed. I didn’t know that person in the photo. Did I really get that big?

I had P90X® on my DVD shelf for 2 years, scared out of my wits to give it a go. I put in that first disc, pushed play, and fell deeply in love. It had a great balance of cardio and strength training, and actually made it fun to workout again. Before the program, I was only able to complete five pushups on my knees at a time. Now I’m able to do over 40—all on my toes! I also started on Shakeology® and lost 6 pounds in the first week.

I feel confident and happy with my results. When you’re happy with yourself internally, it shows on the outside. I’m proud to be a Beachbody Coach and it gives me joy to share my journey with others. Without having gone through the struggles, I wouldn’t be able to help people who are going through the same thing.”

You can see why Beachbody is growing so fast. Just like P90X, Shakeology is becoming a major player in the health and fitness arena because it works. As more and more people experience the positive effects, they want to help spread the word and make commissions while doing it.

Get started on your transformation today. Take the Beachbody Challenge and start feeling better in no time. After your first week of the Challenge, you will be a believer.


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