Try A Shakeology Taste Sampler

Try A Shakeology Taste Sampler

Beachbody Success Club

Some breaking news from the Success Club this year. Beachbody is launching a new way to try Shakeology before you make the investment in your health. Shakeology has been a huge game changer for 1000s of people over the past 3 years and has become the foundation of a healthier lifestyle for everyone that uses it.

Beachbody knows what everyone else is realizing. That nutrition plays as big a part in your body transformation as exercise. The majority of us are not getting the nutrition our bodies require for optimal performance. I’d say that most people are actually harming their bodies with what they eat these days. Fast food and nutritionally deficient food not only weakens your body, it harms it with processed chemicals, refined carbs and sugars that encourage disease and obesity.

We have to stop listening to the food marketers and take back the responsibility for our own health. The majority of food manufacturers do not care about your health, they only care about selling more junk.

Time to start exercising and eating right so that we thrive as we age and not deteriorate and accept it as “the normal part of aging”. Disease and weight gain is not just part of getting older. It’s just what has happened in the last 50 years as convenience foods have taken over the landscape. I am excited to be part of the movement that is getting back to our roots. Nutrient dense foods that promote vigor and vitality, not food that makes you over weight and lethargic.

For the past two years, Beachbody Coaches (that’s me!) have been promoting Challenge groups that provide exercise, nutrition and support and they have been a huge success. Pick a exercise program that you will enjoy, use Shakeology to get complete nutrition and superfoods, and get support from online groups that motivate and inspire you to reach your goals.

My Focus T25 group is finishing up Week 10 of the program and we have had a blast. P90X3 is an all new version of the most popular home workout program on the planet, P90X. P90X3 will put you through 30 minutes of intense work each day for the best body of your life. Everyone has 30 minutes a day, so there are no more excuses.

The people who stick to the exercise program (only 30 minutes!) and use Shakeology get incredible results and you will too. There are several different flavors of Shakeology including Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, Vegan Tropical Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate and many people have been asking to try them before the commit.

Now, you can try a Shakeology Sampler for only $19.95 + s/h.

This is a brand new program and there are some rules and restrictions I need to share, so you MUST be my customer on Beachbody to get the link, it’s free, just sign up at

and then email me subject “SAMPLES” at
and I’ll be in touch!

Watch this quick video of Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, talk about why he drinks Shakeology. I like working with this guy!

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