What’s Your Soul-Mate Workout?

What’s Your Soul-Mate Workout?

Chalene Johnson, creator of the TurboFire workout, wrote about finding her “Soul-mate Workout” on her blog and I thought it was a good post. Everyone has a workout that lifts them up in all ways.

For me, that workout has been Insanity. I get fired up when I do Insanity with Shaun T and the crew. I have done that program so many times, I feel like I know all the kids on the DVD.

I feel unstoppable after I finish a workout. The confidence I get from finishing those workouts and knowing that I will complete the 60 day challenge carries me through the week. I literally have a bounce in my step and it feels good.

I was on the Team Beachbody site the other day and one of the articles was titled, “Does exercise boost confidence?”. I had to laugh. Anyone who exercises on a semi-regular basis knows that as soon as you finish a decent workout, your confidence soars. Even after one workout, you feel like your body is tighter, you look better, and you are happier. Of course you look the same after only one workout, but the endorphins make you feel different.

Have you ever looked in the mirror before a workout and felt a little soft and then look again after your workout? You are certain that you look better. Those are our natural occurring endorphins at work and I love it. You physically feel better which automatically puts everything in a better light.

This is no secret and this should be the one reason that gets you to workout if you are feeling down or lethargic. You can be sure that you will feel great after your workout. Guaranteed!

Karissa found her soul-mate workout in TurboFire. You can read a little of her story below and see how finding the workout that you connect with is a magical thing.

“I was on an emotional rollercoaster. My eating was out of control. I would have a few good days followed by days of horrific eating, and I felt like I was failing as a wife. All areas of my life were suffering. To put it simply, I was ashamed.

At this time, my husband booked a vacation to Mexico. I had 12 weeks to lose weight, and I was determined to feel good about myself on the beach. Then through Facebook, I met new fitness friends who were Beachbody junkies. They introduced me to Shakeology. It tasted great, satisfied my sweet tooth and provided my body with nutrients. On top of this, I found my exercise program.

TurboFire is my soul mate workout. I feel so happy just when I think about it! It motivates me and I look forward to it every morning. I sweat so much but forget I am exercising! The music is amazing and keeps me going. Even when I am tired, I hear Chalene say, “You are not tired.” and that pushes me a little more. With TurboFire, I lost 22 pounds and feel so much better. I was able to actually wear my bikini without feeling ashamed. And I’m more proud of my mindset. I feel like I can take things to the next level and that is why I love Beachbody.”

Here are the things that Chalene noted about soul-mate workouts…

Some signs you’ve found your soul-mate workout ( I couldn’t agree more) :

  • You feel you can do anything.
  • Your workout challenges you never to be complacent.
  • It makes you feel alive, sexy, and young.
  • Your soul-mate workout feels like a treat, even when it’s brutal.
  • When you’re working out, you’re surprised how quickly time passes.
  • It clears your mind and calms your emotions.
  • You can’t help but endlessly talk about your soul-mate workout.
  • Your workout awakens your spirit.
  • It gives you energy, creativity, and drive.
  • You look forward to your next workout.

So, find your soul-mate / soul inspiring workout. I can’t do Insanity all year ’round, so I am looking forward to the new Les Mills Combat workout which will be tough but fun, while going a little easier on my soon to be 43 year old body.

The other key, as Karissa discovered, is using Shakeology and joining a Beachbody Challenge group. With Shakeology, you will you be fueling your body with the nutrients and super foods that allow it to thrive and you can exponentially speed up your weight loss by using it as a meal replacement. Using it as breakfast or lunch has made the biggest difference in my health and training over the past 3 years. Eating right and getting the superfoods, probiotics, and adaptagens that all work in synergy to provide optimal health.

You can see by Karissa’s results that this formula works and I see it work for friends and clients everyday. Start today! Find the workout that feeds your body and soul!

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